This site was developed by private investigator April Higuera of ADH Investigations, in collaboration with top criminal defense attorneys practicing in Nevada, California, Tennessee and Louisiana.  Theresa Ristenpart of Ristenpart Law (NV & LA) has assumed the role of managing partner and lead defense counsel for NotGuiltyUSA.com.  April and Theresa currently boast a 100% win rate in self-defense homicides and false allegations of sexual assault cases, including teaming for wins in both the Julian Acox case and the Wayne Burgarello case in Reno last year.  While April and Theresa are not available to be retained on every matter that comes through this site, if you are innocent and charged with a crime, they will consult with you for FREE and lead you in the right direction with guidance and referrals in your local area.

Trial Attorney / Lead Defense Counsel  

Theresa Ristenpart, Esq. / Ristenpart Law

Top tier criminal defense attorney Theresa Ristenpart has been admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court, 9th Circuit Appellate Court, Nevada State Bar, and the Louisiana State Bar.  She has been in practice over a decade with an impressive record for wining her cases and securing the freedom of her clients.

In addition to her criminal defense trial work, Theresa Ristenpart is a senior adviser to the U.S. State Department for international projects, teaching judges, lawyers, and law enforcement officials from all over the world.  She is an adjunct professor at University of Reno, Nevada.  She also teaches local sheriff's deputies proper criminal procedures and constitutional law.  Ms. Ristenpart volunteers as a coach with local mock trial teams and presents continuing legal education courses with the State Bar of Nevada.


Licensed P.I. / Lead Defense Investigator

April Higuera, P.I. / ADH Investigations

Licensed since 2001, private investigator April Higuera has extensive experience investigating allegations of violent crimes for defense, including capital murder (death penalty) allegations on both state and federal levels.  April is not only a competent private detective, she is a published author in NACDL’s The Champion magazine (a national periodical for criminal defense lawyers) on homicide investigation.  Her diligence and intelligence in her field are unmatched, which is proven by her exemplary record of successes on behalf of her clients and the fact she is consistently recommended by clients, attorneys and judges across the nation.