We provide FREE initial consultation to people wrongly accused of serious crimes.  For reasonable fees, we also provide top tier defense investigation and legal representation through trial. 

FREE Consultation

Our legal team provides initial discovery review and FREE consultation with regard to your legal rights, an explanation of court proceedings, and a generalized strategy for organizing your case and your team . . . what is happening to you, what is likely to happen next, what you should plan for, and how to get a quality defense team in place.

Our defense investigator provides review of the initial discovery, general commentary on the potential complexity of the investigation in your case, what you can do yourself, and what you need a private detective to do on your behalf. 

You may engage us to...

  • Take on your case as your legal team in the State of Nevada; or,
  • Provide comprehensive case reviews (both legal and investigation perspectives), legal strategies, and defense investigation strategies to assist you and your local team as a consultation resource in your defense; or,
  • Provide actual defense investigation in-house services from a distance (records collection, background checks, location of witnesses, etc.), consultation with your local team, AND possibly come to your state to do actual fieldwork (visually examine and photograph event scene, event scene reconstruction, interview witnesses, interview prosecution experts, search for evidence, testify), and locate and consult with additional defense experts on your behalf.

Our fees are customized for each case, depending on the complexity and location of the case.  We are reasonable and fair in our pricing.  You are receiving highly experienced, top quality services.  We have a winning record for success and impeccable standards of service.  You fought to defend your life outside the courtroom, now we are here to fight for you in the courtroom!  Whether or not you engage us in your defense, please consider the price of your freedom, and do not settle for less than the very best defense team.  YOUR FREEDOM IS EVERYTHING!

Our Mission

To right every wrongful criminal arrest for which we are engaged and to help anyone wrongfully accused of a violent crime by providing free consultation and guidance.