Lead trial attorney, Theresa Ristenpart of Ristenpart Law, and lead defense investigator, April Higuera of ADH Investigations, teamed up in 2014 and have won every case since, either by DISMISSAL or ACQUITTAL AT TRIAL.  

Currently boasting a 100% WIN RECORD!!


Read what clients & COLLEAGUES are saying:

Wayne Burgarello, CLIENT, Reno, NV - (accused and tried for open murder and attempted murder; 2015 self-defense trial; ACQUITTED OF ALL CHARGES) - "April and Theresa, I love you forever!"...W.B.  "You and Theresa are the BEST!  Thank you for caring about Wayne when no one else did."...W.B. family member

Julian Acox, CLIENT, Reno, NV - (accused and tried for open murder; pled guilty to 2nd degree based on prior attorney's advice; after 1.5 years of jail time, he withdrew his plea and we took the case; 2015 self-defense trial; ACQUITTED OF ALL CHARGES) - "I can't believe it.  I am forever grateful." ... J.A.  "Thank you!  Thank you!!!" ... J.A. family members

Adult Caucasian Male accused of multiple counts of sexual assault & lewdness of a child under 14, Carson City, NV - ALL CHARGES DISMISSED - As a recent past client of April, though my attorney, I can highly recommend her services as a top notch investigator.  I was falsely accused of a very serious felony sex crime, which could have had very serious consequences (life in prison).   April worked diligently to uncover critical information about the accuser that eventually led to getting the case dismissed.  She is very professional, friendly, intelligent, patient, hard working, and works very effectively and efficiently to get the job done.  She is very approachable with a great personality, which makes it easier for anyone to work with her and to interview potential witnesses.  She is a good person.  Her work kept my life and family in tact.  I am extremely grateful to have had April on my team and in my life ... a forever grateful client in Carson City, NV  

Terry & Gore, Attorneys, Nashville, TN - (criminal and consumer rights law; 2005 Trial Lawyer of the Year finalists, Trial Lawyers for Public Justice) - "We have been involved in complicated litigation for more than 25 years, both civil and criminal.  April Higuera is the best investigator that we have employed, and we no longer consider any other options.  Often our opponent is the government or a larger resourceful corporation.  We have been able to level the playing field by adding April to our litigation team.  Besides top-notch professional investigation, she brings intelligent analysis and an ability to organize and focus our resources, which are necessary to provide high caliber legal representation.  Our recommendation of April Higuera is without qualification. 

William J. Routsis, II, Attorney, Reno, NV – criminal law - "I practice law in both the States of Nevada and California.  An honest, motivated, and talented investigator is worth their weight in gold to a trial attorney.  I have had the good fortune of mutual loyalty to only three investigators in my career (for trial work) after having to release numerous others.  Recently, I lost the services of an investigator that I had used in Nevada for over 15 years, and April Higuera came highly recommended.  Miss Higuera began work for me in a very important two-week criminal trial in Minden, Nevada.  Her work was exemplary.  In fact, her work as an investigator was as good as I have seen in 25 years of practicing law.  The integrity and professionalism of an investigator permeates a legal case and is critical to justice and/or success.  Invaluable.  April Higuera was invaluable to justice and an acquittal in a heated two-week trial in Douglas County, Nevada.  She is worth her weight in gold."

Natman Schaye, Attorney, Tucson, AZ – (criminal law/capital homicide) - "April Higuera provides unparalleled investigative support in complex litigation, including capital cases.  She is able to organize and digest immense files quickly, while at the same time identifying flaws in the evidence and inconsistency in witness statements.  April is also great with people and able to obtain statements from even the most recalcitrant witnesses.  Her commitment to her clients is beyond compare."

Rick Meyer, Judge, Alpine County, CA – (criminal law; former El Dorado County, CA Chief Public Defender) - "April Higuera is an exceptional criminal defense investigator.  Her work product is as good as I've seen in 30 years of practicing law. April is well respected in our legal community."

Elizabeth Trinkler, Nashville, TN – (former licensed private investigator for ADH Investigations) - "April has a lot passion and talent in her field of defense investigation.  She is trusted and respected by co-workers, attorneys, judges, and clients.  I learned a great deal working as an investigator under her supervision, and I am inspired by her genuine concern for the accused and her effective persistence in uncovering evidence.  In my observation, her organizational skills and her ability to obtain candid witness statements are unmatched.  April’s analytical and inquisitive mind is very impressive as well, as she has proved to be an invaluable asset to attorneys in the successful defense of their clients."