Don't Talk To Anyone After An Incident, Including Police!


With all due respect to the honest, caring, and diligent law enforcement officers . . . it has been my experience as a criminal defense investigator that persons (including innocent persons) involved in an incident who grant interviews to law enforcement without an attorney present always say something at some point in the interview that prosecution is able to use against them.  

Attorney Theresa Ristenpart advises her clients to simply inform law enforcement: 'I am really upset and shaken.  I will talk to you, but first I am going to talk to my attorney.'  [END OF CONVERSATION!!]  She says your only conversation in the aftermath of any incident should be with your ATTORNEY!!  I, as a defense investigator, have spent countless hours searching for evidence that might mitigate statements accused persons have inadvertently or intentionally (in support of their innocence) made to police not realizing their seemingly innocuous words would somehow be used against them later.  Ms. Ristenpart further advises not to talk to anyone (police, prosecution investigators, media, or anyone else) without first speaking with your attorney and also having your attorney present.

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